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What do you guys sell?

We are a natural stone supplier. We currently specialize in travertine material, such as pavers and split-face (ledger-stone.) In addition to travertine, we also offer marble pavers, porcelain pavers and both black and white pebbles.

What is travertine?

Travertine is a natural stone with a unique variation that is known for its extreme durability and ability to stay cool. Travertine has been used as building material for thousands of years and it has been utilized in various architectural and decorative applications, such as flooring, wall cladding, countertops, and exterior paving. The Romans used travertine in structures like the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain.

How hot does Travertine get?

We have a video on our YouTube channel where we tested this out!

Is travertine slippery?

The slip in travertine can vary depending on the density, but it’s generally less slippery than other natural material due to its porosity, making it most commonly used outdoors and other areas that are likely to get wet. The more texture and holes the material has will reduce the slip.

Why should I use travertine for my outdoor deck?

Compared to other natural stone, travertine has the ability to reflect heat in the sun and stay cool to the touch. Its durability makes it perfect for use outdoors as it’s not easily cracked or broken. It could even be used on driveways! Its porous texture makes it perfect for areas that are prone to getting wet such as bathrooms, kitchens or around your pool.

Can I use travertine indoors?

Yes! We have tile available which are ½” in thickness compared to our pavers which come in 3CM and 5CM.

Does it require maintenance?

Travertine is generally easy to clean. Sealing or polishing is completely optional and should be left to professionals.

What sizes do your pavers come in?

Certain colors we carry come in 12×12, but the most common sizes for Distinct Stones are 12×24, 16×24 and ‘Versailles’ aka ‘French’ Pattern. We do also carry Roman Pattern.

What is Versailles or French Pattern?

This pattern consists of 8 square feet of material consisting of 2 pcs of 8×8, 2 pcs of 16×16, 1 pc of 8×16, and 1 pc of 16×24. Versailles pattern must be purchased in complete bundles.

What is Roman Pattern?

Roman pattern is also 8 square feet. This consists of 6 pcs of 6×12, 4 pcs of 6×6 and 4 pcs of 12×12. This pattern must be purchased in complete bundles.

What colors of travertine do you carry?

We carry Ivory, Silver, Noce/Walnut, Color Mix/Country Classic, Scabos, Keykostone, and Shellstone/Limestone. We also carry Bluestone Marble, Grey and White Sandblasted Marble. 

Due to travertine being natural stone, certain batches will vary. You’ll always see numbers associated with our names, this ensures that we get the closest match if in the future you choose to extend your project or end up needing more material for repairs.

What’s the difference between Shellstone (limestone), Marble and Travertine Pavers?

Travertine is naturally the least slippery. 

Bluestone Marble is more slick and specifically tends to get hotter in the sun compared to other materials. Sandblasted marble does have more texture giving it more of a grip when wet and due to its lighter color doesn’t get too hot.

 Shellstone is a type of limestone with shelling, so it’s not as durable as marble or travertine and tends to have more slip, but also is able to stay cool in the sun.


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